Fitness And Weight Loss

fitness and weight loss
Fitness / weight loss plan ideas and feedback?

I started walking on a treadmill every day going at a speed average 3.9 to 4.4 km / h for 65 to 80 minutes. Usually consume about. 1400 calories per day [ranging from 1.000 to 1.900], but I frenzy on the weekend. How can I get rid of this bad habit? I'm not anorexia, but I want the tone in the department of the stomach, and lose part of that muscle. O lost around 8.7 pounds. Is this an exercise program? I am 14 years old, 5'2 "and 114 to 116 pounds.

OK – you're on the right track (a sort of pun, if you think about it), but I think his real problem is debauchery. Ask yourself why After you have worked so hard for fitness throughout the week. Do you binge on junk food, candy, soft drinks? Ask yourself why you eat or drink what you do and how you feel afterwards. Can you substitute something healthier? If you eat to suit – maybe you just need to make smarter decisions. Are you eating because they're bored? You seem to be a habit you want to break, so I'm sure you can do and succeed in their quest for tone. Maybe you have to do is to plan some weekend activities with friends in good health to help avoid binging. Or maybe you could get a weekend job, walking the dog, babysitting or even gym class for other children. What about planning trips to the gym or mountain bike? With summer coming you could organize a group of children playing. So whether you lose weight gain of about $ $ $. Stick to your plan – to be headed in the direction correct.