Family Divorce

family divorce
How do I cope with a unsuspected family divorce?

I’m fifteen and my parents just told me they are separating. This came out of nowhere and I had always truly believed they were happy and this would never happen. I also have an eight year-old brother who doesn’t know yet. They want to split living arrangements school-year with mom and summer with dad but I don’t think me or my brother can handle that. How are we supposed to cope with this? We’re shy kids and I don’t want to do any counseling or whatever. I just can’t stand that this is actually happening.

It’s a drag, but unfortunately over 50% of American marriages end in divorce, so, tho it’s no consolation, you’re not alone. You and your brother will still have your parents. They still love you and will be there for you. Don’t give up on them. Keep your head together, focus on your school work, and when it comes time for you to marry, make sure your partner has qualities that will suit you for life. That is easier said than done, but all you can do is try. Help your brother whenever you can.