Fairy Tales Beauty And The Beast

fairy tales beauty and the beast
In what country are the fairy tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast set?

I need to no for a test’s extra credit

The common Cinderella story is based on both a french story, as well as a version by the Brothers Grimm (German). There are tons of versions of the story, particularly common throughout different parts of Europe.

Beauty and the Beast also has several variations, but I think that almost all of the stories were from French authors. I know that several movie versions were set in French villages, but I’m not sure if it’s ever stated explicitly in the story itself.

As for Sleeping Beauty, it also comes from a french author, was published in a variation in the work of the Brothers Grimm and was one of Tchaikovsky’s first major successes in ballet composition.

That seems like a tough question for extra credit – I’m honestly not sure that there’s one particular answer for each. It’s all about what version of the story you consider and some I don’t think even give you a real setting for the story. If you feel like arguing for points, you could probably get credit for a wide range of European countries for your answers.

Hope that helps!