Facts About Divorce

facts about divorce
Has my parents’ divorce effected my relationship life?

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. I am now 17 and these days I am not very good with girls. Im not ugly, its just Im very shy and things don’t seem to always work out with me and girls. I thought I heard once that if your parents divorce at an early age that It can lead to relationship problems. Could this be true about me? Did that fact that my parents divorce when I was very young effect me in my relationships?

some people have commit issues or a fear of committment because of seeing thier parents split. however, since you are only 17 and are most likely not facing a super serious long term committment, i would say that it’s just because you’re young that your relationships aren’t working out. most 17 y.o. girls don’t know what they want – or do and they don’t want to be committed. try working a little bit on learning to break out of your shell, as most girls like guys who aren’t as shy. and give it time. you’ll eventually fall into a relationship that will last and work out.