Exercise And Health

exercise and health
No exercise, poor health & bad eating habits.What vitamin(s) can I take to ensure I get the nutrition needed?

I know a lifestyle change would be best, but I am in poor health and cannot withstand the impact of excercise. I am in constant pain and am looking for vitamins that may help revitalize me, or at least get what my body needs to heal itself naturally.

The first thing you need to do is find a mild exercise you can do even if it is nothing more than chair yoga or chair exercises. You can make little changes dietary wise by not buying or not letting others buy the foods that you don’t want to eat such as to many chips or sweets. If the foods aren’t in the house you can’t eat them. As for a multivitamin you need to find a brand that is well absorbed by the body. If it is not well absorbed it won’t do you any good as your body won’t get the proper amount of nutrients from the pill. The body will not just heal itself though with a pill if you do not make some minor changes like getting a little exercise etc.