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How often does the human body exhaustion sets in one day?

I have a school gym for children and adults who often suffer a lot of complaints when the going gets tough (especially adults). My question is very specific and can be directed to those in the field of physiology, to understand that this may impact on the type of person and his health, however, I am also curious if the organs, the brain, blood can handle this type of intense activity in a single day. I traveled about. 20 times in one day of training. This was the condition for Physical elite to compete on ovals pumping weights at the gym. I fell asleep shortly after arriving home. I mean fatigue time that you "should" stop and rest. Thank you in advance.

Hello, I am currently a student in biology and medicine. Although I have no references, however, I will give my best answer. Not what you want to hear, but no clean cut, definitive answer your question. It is difficult to preform studies because the ability of individuals varies so much between age, height, weight history family, etc. – Every person is very different from making such generalizations. What we do know that excessive exercise can cause permanent damage to muscles, thyroid and heart. People who are not used for training can be found at the hospital to do something that seems easy a highly qualified person. When someone tells you "must" stop to rest, which means you need to do to stop or although it will be low, or a trip, or fall? Because if so, I think my teachers would say that a person who is not trained great that you should never push "exhaustion." Studies show that in addition, exercises are generally slower in improving health of a person. From what I read, usually, if someone complains, is it really in pain. But I guess this is for the trial hand, knowing the character of the person and how he or she has gone before. Sorry, I can not give an exact answer. As a case More specifically, analysis of gender, height, weight, age, previous activity, etc., could probably give an estimate of the amount of exercise is dangerous, but it is difficult to generalize on the basis of what is "medium" – something seemingly minor can get rid of your answer by far. While I encourage you ask a real doctor in person – you might get a better response. Good luck. Hope this helps even a little.