Dumbo Dvd

dumbo dvd
Those who vote these reasons, Disney sucks now?

1, no hand-drawn animation, all done on computers, are based more on technology that a good story 2, go to the music and the creation of stars Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and more and got through the nostrils three towns (I use the term "star" used very loosely), direct to video / DVD sequels of their classic films 4, the Disney animated aspire to today films compared with the old simple search on YouTube "Silly Symphonies" These cartoons are much better and that were made in the early 1930! 5, The movies lack classics as charming, Dumbo, was The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, the sword and the stone, The Lion King and other Joe Jonas's future ms an obvious idiot, not the music blinded by lust of terrible young "stars" and indeed I've heard him sing and suck

Also, obviously, a fan of the true nature of things rather than someone who meets, is all new to come. Today's modern era, and we hope that in this modern age children's cartoons high technology from the 2000's is what I grew up. These guys are dirty heads with stupid humor ignorant, instead of old cartoons, his true and more than a simple honest life lesson that will teach thinking maby 10 more complex classes or more, even more difficult to value with a little touch respect. Today more than ever, Disney together is a joke, I mean even nick so competative with scores theyd probably put there as shooting and rap defeated only by Disney Channel. I sat one day I told my nephew, and what I saw was pathetic, with all the bad things with it, I know that a child will not understand, but it is not all that, to teach them anything they need to know, call me crazy, but ill give a children's book and aldgebra and tell him that if he gets a B + to go play for an hour Grand Theft Auto or you can go swimming with the children before I let him see Nabor false existence stupid ignorant ass shit passports Disney Channel, kills your brain. Half the shit I've written not complete, but perhaps the idea of all its proceedings, one vote, so if you deal with all that said, DISNEY CHANNEL a joke more. The only show I could see my nephew in that channel is likely to Phineas and Ferb. Oh, and today not to preach, but to keep Americans today are lazy and busy, + greed, so do not want to spend all the time to draw each screen, and why, if you can draw the key components and put them in a computer and its program have walaha