Divorce Yourself

divorce yourself
Has anyone ever done a do it yourself divorce?

Please if you could give me your experience tell me the good and bad in doing one yourself.

I did.

I don’t see the bad in doing it yourself UNLESS you have a bunch of assets that are not being agreed upon by both sides. And even then, if neither side has a lawyer, they’ll just order you to mediation to work it out. If not worked out, the judge will make the final decision.

The good is that some blood-sucking lawyer didn’t put me even further in the financial hole.

Just keep in mind that just because you are awarded something (debt, custody, assets, liabilities, etc) it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to get them. Enforcing the order means more paperwork, court appearances, money, etc.

All lawyers are good for (I’m sure I’ll get some thumbs-down for this one) are talking the legal mumbo-jumbo to expedite the judges ruling.

You are more than capable of filing and proceeding by yourself. There will be a lot of paperwork, but all pretty self-explanatory – and those that aren’t can be explained by someone at the courthouse (although they’ll point out they don’t give legal advice).