Divorce Without A Lawyer

divorce without a lawyer
how can i finalize my divorce without my lawyer?

hello, i’ve hired a very expensive lawyer thats been working on my divorce, the husband didtn sign the papers so i still have to go through with it in a default i guess. right now shes working on the child support and income and expenses, but when the hearing comes up, i want to go by myself, cause shes so expensive, my question, how i can just take over from there, how can i finalize the divorce or do the final decree without her. i just cant afford her to do more work for me. anyone plzzzz help.. thank you

Well, since she has all of your paperwork and she is the attorney listed on your papers, the judge might not look kindly on you coming alone.

Save up the money if you have to because you’re going to need her there especially if there are kids involved.