Divorce Within First Year Of Marriage

divorce within first year of marriage
Should a woman quit trying for happiness in marriage after trying nine times and failing with divorce?

She asked me is there something wrong with me?
I said no. Its takes two to make a marriage work
She said why do they keep using and abusing me?
I said do you let them? She said i didnt think of that
She said should i give up
I said First you must find happiness within yoursel,lf and the rest will follow
She is 32 years ol, frustrated and told by each ex husband that shes a failure.
She works full time as an accountant and each husband fooled her into beleiving they loved her
Each later quit work and she supported them and they used her nightly like shaking a rag doll.
I said remember, you are strong and life goes on. Find happines within you first. What do you think, Should she marry again.

oh my goodness. she needs to work on happiness in herself first. men read that she’s not happy and read that she has too much baggage. people tell her that she’s a failure and SHE BELIEVES IT. men don’t want to deal with excess baggage and drama and she has too much of it. she’s trying to find happiness in marriage when happiness comes from within herself first. she’s looking for happiness in other external sources when it’s not going to be there. that’s why she’s unhappy. money can’t make you happy. marriage can’t make you happy. people and friends can’t make you happy. only you can make you happy. maybe she can try therapy. that’s always a good place to start.