Divorce Statistics Usa

divorce statistics usa
Is marriage a joke? Do we all cheat? Statistics show 60% of married people cheat.?

My friend (a divorce attorney) told me that “All men cheat. Marriage is a JOKE. Women too.”
As much as I’d hate to believe that, now I’m worried.
Statistics show that 60% of married men and 40% of married women cheat.
That’s as high as the 60% divorce rate in USA.

Among people I know at work or school, (30s to 40s), 90% are divorced due to cheating.
Bill Clinton cheated.
Tiger Woods cheated.

If you cheated, why did you cheat, and do you regret it?
Do you guys think marriage is a joke?
How do you think cheating can be prevented?
RE: red207pilot

Very keen observation and great answer! Thank you so much!

People cheat for various reasons..I would say the old “bait and switch” is the cause of men cheating. Women are porn stars till they get the ring and the kids..and they feel now they are secure so there’s no reason to have sex. That’s what happened to me. Arguing and fighting, paying for sex with a wife never gets you the sex..you get to pay, but not the sex..by that I mean the “flowers, candy, jewelry, compliments..etc” For everything a man is advised to do to “get her in the mood” a woman has a counter to that.

Women cheat because the husband gets tired of being ignored sexually so he no longer listens to the stories about her sister, mother, cousin..blah, blah blah..so she runs to a guy that pretends to be interested.