Divorce Rates Living Together Before Marriage

divorce rates living together before marriage
living together vs marriage?

I often wonder about the rate of divorce, and don’t want to contribute to the statistics. I know that some people believe in marriage before moving in together, but heres the thing…
If you marry before moving in together then how do you really know hat someone is right for you?
What if they are annoying and have bad habbits that you didnt know about?
what if your not sexually compatible?
what if you have different taste in furniture?
what if they snore/kick or have night terrors in their sleep?
what if they have annoying relatives who visit all the time?

do you think its better to move in and have a trial run before the wedding, I mean, after all were talking about spending THE REST of your life with them?

I have had a few christian friends who have found out they cant stand their partner after the marriage and I dont want this to happen to me!

how do you know your compatable?

After all said and done, you have to do what is best for you. I do know I was saved from this BIG mistake of marriage, with spending a couple of nights at his house. I kept dating him until I thought the time was right to have a romantic night together. While wearing the engagement ring and making wedding plans, I went to bed that night, woke up to feet that look like FREDDIE’s KNIVES, snoring that could drown out a 747, a house that was freezing, because he didn’t like a hot house. Sex was the worst I had ever experienced. He had the nerve to keep asking … was it good? After not being able to sleep, after he thought he really ”PUT IT ON ME”. I got out of bed, while he was cranking up his 747. Went to use his lap top and found where he go on all of the porn sites, date sites ect. I could not wait until the sun came up, so I could get my Fannie out of there. I later found out that he have a fetish for oral sex on everybody he dates. OOOHHH grosssss. Some times living together will save you from a life of disgust!