Divorce Rate Us

divorce rate us
How do you know when it is right with such a high divorce rate in the US?

I love my fiance’ I just want us to be happy together forever.

A long time ago, people courted. Men would come to the girls’ house, they’d have to sit in the living room with the girls’ family, and they’d have to actually TALK to each other. Eventually they would move to the porch, then they’d get to go on walks by themselves. With the invention of the car, courtship stopped. The backseat suddenly meant that men and women could just make out without getting to know each other. People don’t take the time to really talk to one another and get to know their partner. As long as you know your fiance and you know that there won’t be any surprises, you’ll do just fine. Make sure you’re financially stable before you get married so there wont’ be huge fights about money. And make sure you get your education no matter what.