Divorce Rate For Second Marriages

divorce rate for second marriages
Divorce rates are 40-50% in most OECD countries, mainly as men could not be bothered any more?

With working hard, looking after their children and generally being a good husband and father. Over 85% of divorces are initiated by women, mainly because of the former reasons. Read the “Marriage and Divorce” section of Yahoo Answers and see for yourself.

Is the above the result of feminism? Feminists have turned men into second class citizens and as a result, men could not be bothered with their role any more in society as a husband and father. Men like me refuse to marry and just have casual relationships with women, dumping them when marriage rears its ugly head.

The result is the ever rising numbers of single mothers.

Do you agree or disagree with the above analysis?

of course. dont ever get married. dont ever fall in love either. it wont get you anywhere in life.