Divorce Questions

divorce questions
Questions for divorced people regarding divorce – for my counseling degree, to get a better understanding

I’m in the middle of a degree in counseling. These questions are an assignment. The idea is to get a better understanding of how to counsel someone who has been divorced and to understand issues that surround that aspect of a person’s life.
What issues are you/ did you deal with as a result of the divorce and/ or remarriage – if applicable. (Example: financial, emotional, relational issues…)Please answer if you’re still single or remarried and state which you are.

Have you got a few hours?
Financial; I did not suffer much. I had my own income and I had my assets well protected.
Emotional; I still am plagued by things that have happened. They jump up in the middle of my life, when I least expect them.
my ex was emotionally abusive and every so often I encounter a situation that gives me the creeps and the shivers.
Relational; Being in new relationship has shown me even more how bad my previous was. But it also highlighted why I fell for my ex in the first place. Some things I liked bout him are what I like in my current partner, though the both have the same sense of humour my SO misses the mean streak in it.
I do notice that I have jealousy issues. My ex was emotionally unfaithful and I have sought (but never found) proof that my current partner was the same. I find this annoying in myselfand thankfully getting past that stage.

All in all my divorce/previous relationship have shown me what my weak spots are and how and when I can be manipulated. I have become harder in those areas. Have become more suspicious and that is not something I like. I now have fears I never had and I fight them, as I know they are not mine.
To be honest having a wonderful friend with me on the journey, a man I fell in love with and is kind and understanding also in this area has really helped.
There is light; after my experience you’d think I’d be hesitant about this relationship and have doubts and all. I don’t