Divorce Procedure

divorce procedure
We on divorce procedure but he wants me back again!!!?

we r together for 6 years but married for 2. we r actually on divorce procedure because he brinks a lot n everyday. N he leave me home alone to go n drink with friends. i left him several times but he always promised to change to get me back. we live seperate for the moment n he wants me back again but i don’t trust him anymore even through i love him n he loves me.
what must i do?

u have to decide on whether u want ur hubby back or not? if u do, then make list for him to achieve to win u back and in mean time dont move back in together, work on rebuilding a friendship and relationship while he completes ur list and that to include rehab for his alco problems, goto councilling etc. also can have down to start romancing u and going on dates ie. cinema, meal out but not the pub something where alco not involved till he is over his problem. he has to prove himself to u, so u can trust him again.. also give him reasonable time limit on it all, say 6months to a year so can goto rehab and attend AA meetings also as he recovers and marriage councilling. i wish u luck..