Divorce Lawyers For Men

divorce lawyers for men
No matter how much a woman says she loves you? EVERY GUY should get a prenup?

Because women marry for the house, car, kids, child support, alimony, pain and suffering, his pension, his social security, hell, if women married for love, divorce lawyers would be non existent.. Every men that feels the need to fall into the marriage trap should have a prenup in place to protect himself.. Am i right??

I think so. Especially if its a girl who’s parents went through a divorce. Make the prenup not just if you get divorce but if either one of you dies. That way, she’ll be more inclined to sign it. But yea, ive seen guys loose their houses, cars, pensions and kids. It sucks. But if you dont know a woman, then you shouldnt marry her.

Sometimes things just go south and theres nothing you can do to stop it. Sometimes women just turn. You never know. See the thing about a prenup is, if your getting one, you really dont trust her, in which case, you probably should marry her.

However, in this day and age, prenups should be mandatory since divorces are so common.