Divorce Kits

divorce kits
i need an answer from someone who has used a divorce kit.like the ones Staples sells for $40?

i heard they are quick but you have to do alot of running around for the paper work. true? how long does it take for the divorce to be final? can you use them for joint custody? can i fill them out by myself or does my wife have to contribute?? is the paperwork hard to understand? is the cash you pay it all that it cost you? is it just for divorces that are simple—no conflict? i dont know whether to get a kit or hire a lawyer. thanks for your help.

First off – yes you will have to do some leg work. If there are children involved you can still use those kits. You just have to make sure you get one that includes paperwork for it. It takes as long as it does in the state you live in. Like Idaho, it’s only 30 days. In Washington state it’s 90 days. When there are children involved it could take a little longer because the two of you will have to attend a parenting class, it’s about how divorce effects the children. Or if there’s a dispute between your wife and yourself about custody and visitation, then it’s an even bigger mess! The paperwork isn’t too hard to understand.

No. The money you pay for the paperwork is only the beginning. Then you also have to pay to file it at the courthouse. Depends on what state you live in once again. All of this really depends on where you live, whether you and your x-wife-to-be are going to be civil about all of this or fight about everything, how the two of you are going to work custody, visitation and child support. I can possible walk you through this if ya want to give me a holla! Good luck! It can be done, you just have to pay attention to the instructions!