Divorce Info

divorce info
Divorce Info in Indiana? Needed seriously please?

K, im 17 [birthday today ^_^] and No i dont need the divorce 😀
Long story short my dad is verbally and mentally abusive to my mom. If he was physically id slaughter him :DDDD
Indiana is kinda ruined, no jobs nothing. My dad leaves monday for like a month, so mom and i are gonna look into divorces.
You guys do not understand how disgusting he is. calling a woman a c*nt., his kids that too, wanting to kill her.
I need help.
what will we need when we go to the court house to talk to the attorney, how much does a divorce ITSELF cost. not that after stuff, not alimony, just like the lawyer and the documents.
Also, will i be allowed to tell the judge in court about my father?
Cause im making sure he isnt allowed close to us.
I need help, and anything is appreciated. Ive looked up sites but its all like @$%^)#&&^#% to me.
please and the biggest thank you ever.
this guy ruined my birthday so hes going down 😀

okay have your mom visit a few attorneys, tell them about your divorce case and ask them about fees (every lawyer will have a different fee) have your mom speak to the lawyer you choose and tell him she wants to put you on the stand and he/she probably will. Every case is different depending on how many rights your mom wants to take away from the bastard (like visitation rights etc.) money wise so i cant help with tht one.
Goodluck I hope I helped!