Divorce In Pa

divorce in pa
Anyone file their own divorce in PA? Unsure on order of forms and signatures?

So My Ex has already signed and returned form 2A. Now Im looking at forms 4A&b and 5a &b. Do I fill these out, have him sign, and THEN take them to the courthouse to have the case number written on and stamped? OR do I take the blank papers to the courthouse, have them stamp it with the case number, have him sign, return it, and then return it to the court?

Im really confussed and the lady at the courthouse is stiff as a board about the process and NO im not hiring an attourney me and my Ex are very amicably agreeing to this divorce.

If it helps, the forms are at this address to view (And the forms Im questioning are on page 27-37
FYI – Another reason I am not hiring an attorney is we have no property to divide and no children to argue over. It is the simplest divorce u will ever see.

These are affidavits, which mean that you sign them and have them notorized, then take them to the court house.

Having just completed family law, it is a good idea to consult an attorney. You don’t have to hire one, just get a free consultation.

The lawyers in philly are at least very helpful. I can’t say much for Lancaster.

PA favors equitable distribution rather than alimony, meaning they are more likely to give differing shares of marital assets than an alimony award.