Divorce In Ca

divorce in ca
What could it mean, application for order nunc pro tunc after hearing for default judgement in divorce ca?

OK, my attorney was going before a judge Monday (before court Friday) to try to get him to sign our default divorce agreement. Ex has not responded to anything he has been served, so my attorney thought it was a no-brainer to save everyone the headache of court. Have not yet heard from my attorney, but when looking online at court records it says this:

Other Application:
comments: For Order Nunc Pro Tunc

Other Order:
comments: Nunc Pro Tunc Re

Soooo, the hearing was monday, and this is what has been entered since then… Good? Eh??? Sorry for my idiocy, wish my attorney would hurry up and call already. He’s a busy man.

A nunc pro tunc order is one that corrects technical or clerical errors of a previously filed order. For instance, if I present a proposed order, the judge signs it and files it, and I later discover that I have misspelled a party’s name. I present a nunc pro tunc order with the correct spelling, the judge signs and files it.

The meaning of the original order is intact. The date of the original order applies to all matters in the order.

Go ahead and call your attorney. They will know details that we strangers online can only guess about.