Divorce In America

divorce in america
Why are divorce rates in America so high?

Why are divorce rates in America so high? They are projecting 50% in the next few years.

It’s because Americans all marry far too young….

From the first grade at school, American children are pushed into having relationships with peers in there class at school. By handing other peers Valentine cards and signing year books.

This is done each year, as American children get older more pressure is placed on them to have relationships with class peers by school dances, proms, home comings, Sadie Hawkins, etc, etc

During this time there heads are being filled with an abstinence sex education no sex before marriage and American teen movies about getting “laid” etc. On top of peer pressure of being seen as a geek and social nobody if they aren’t in a pressured relationship with a peer.

So by the 10 and 11 grades start giving each other purity or school rings and delude themselves of being in mock engagements and promised marriages to have sex when they turn 18 etc, etc.

So by the twelfth grade all the ring exchanging and promises of marriage for pre martial sex or sex once they are married. So they follow the American tradition of marrying there high school sweetheart, before starting college or military service.

Then within a year or more in the real world they divorce.