Divorce For Men

divorce for men
Why do divorced men remarry so many times?

My best friend likes this man who been divorced 3 times, he is her doctor (GYN) and very nice looking for his age. My question is why do men like him marry then divorced and then remarry and so on? Is it that he is looking for a younger woman?

Both my husband and I have 3 exes each. No it was not someone younger, it was to find the love of a lifetime. Some of us are not so luck the first or second or even the third time. With my husband and I we found our past brought us closer together than if we had met years before. We are 46 and 48, married in July of this year. We learned love is honest, never hurts and smiles everyday. It also makes you healthier. Don’t look down on people like us, those who see my husband and I would bet money we have been together over 20 years, not 4 months. We found happiness… isn’t that what counts.