Divorce For Dummies

divorce for dummies
What do you tell a person you want to marry and love deeply when they don’t want to get married again?

He has been married twice before, divorced in the past year. I’ve been with him for a year now, and I know of his past. I know what those two women were like too, and I’m not them. We love eachother deeply but everytime something about someone getting married is mentioned, he jokingly and quickly says No! Don’t do it! or that the guy is a big dummy for marrying..I’m dying inside, I love him no matter married or not..but I want to be able to call myself his wife, and be with him always. I’m old fashioned that way. What do I say to him? How do I at least explain my feelings?

Marriage is the legitimate way to go for people who love each other AND who want to be together. I do think, on a man’s standpoint, there’s nothing a woman can/should tell us to get married. See, if a man gets married because you convinced him to, then it feels as if it was not our decision, and later down the way, resentment adds to all those roadblocks marriage is known to unearth.

I kinda feel like him. I have been married. I have a family, and I have been through ugly things that I would not have gone through if I had stayed single.

Now this is what you should do… since marriage is going to put y’all together on a 24/7 basis, then test the water. Start spending a lot of time together, doing every thing together, then if things are still nice, move in, and live together, doing every thing together which will put y’all in a married-like situation. And then and only then, if you guys really love each other you guys should go thru every thing just fine and pass the little disagreements and tie the knot. So don’t rush, let marriage be a logical outcome of a long lived situation… who knows, something might be wrong with him for him to be divorced twice (he gotta be doing something wrong), you might save yourself some ugly things and a divorce… good luck!