Divorce Filing

divorce filing
My estranged husband says he is filing for divorce, I have not been served, how do I know if he filed?

I am afraid he is trying to get the divorce without my input. Will the courts let me know if something has been filed. If so what office in the courts should I approach. He lives in Orange County and I live in Los Angeles County. He has already filed his taxes without me so I am afraid he is going to try and do the divorce without me.

Call the clerk of courts and ask the clerk if a
case matter has been filed with you as the

They will look it up. Get the case number.

If it is there..either go there and get a copy of
all of the papers that have been filed, or see if
they have a website where you can see the docket.

Then answer his complaint for divorce.

BTW: He can file and lie to say he does not know
where you live. They would place an ad in the local
legal news if you can not be served.

Best wishes