Divorce Fast

divorce fast
In the Military, Deployed, and needing a divorce fast….?

Its a pretty seemingly complex story but the short version. My current wife and I seperated Sept 06 and have been seperated ever since. We are both in the military, both consenting the divorce, and both trying to do it the fastest way possible. The rock and the hard place so to speak happened when she was deployed and all the problems happened. So we waited for her to return to start the divorce paperwork. However she returned and was home for litterally 24 hours before I was deployed. Now currently I am in Iraq about to go on leave and both of us are wondering if its possible to get divorced on leave. The twist in the whole story and why we are both trying to get it done on leave and so fast. I am engaged to someone and trying to get married on leave. My ex(or soon to be) is supportive so we were wondering what the quickest way to go about it would be. Do we have enough time on leave? Its for 18 days and her and I are in agreement on everything we just want the divorce…whew

She can go to an attorney and draw the paperwork up and send them to you so you can sign and look over them. Then you can send them back or bring them back with you and have them filed.