Divorce Documents

divorce documents
Where can i find examples of documents for my DIY divorce?

I am filing for divorce myself. I have ordered the documents I need but in several places it refers to “see attached” for the terms and agreements regarding property and children. I need ot know what all this needs to include and where i could find some FREE samples that I might could use as a guide. Any ideas?

legalhelper.org and legalzoom.com both have excellent online examples of various legal documents, including divorce.
They have search and help areas to find out answers to specific questions you have.
I don’t work for them, just know they are very helpful sites.

Another idea would be to go to the legal section of any major bookstore or library. There are self-help guides with printed examples of divorce documents.

The other resource you have is the company you got your documents from. They should have people available by phone to explain the details of what you need.