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How do they factor in 2 kids from a prior marriage when figuring child support?

Hubby has 2 teens fro his 1st marriage. We have 2 kids together and are now divorcing. All the child support calculators I’ve found online don’t ask about children from a prior marriage unless they live outside the home and hubby is paying support. He has custody of those 2. I have custody of our two. How will they factor all that? Is it a certain percentage or what? Thanks!

Depends a lot on what state you’re in, whether you or your ex-husband has custody of the kids, and whether the mother of the 2 kids from the first marriage is still in the picture.

In some states (like here in California) there is a computer program that you input a lot of financial, custodial, and property information into, and it spits out a number and the judge then considers that number in light of the global circumstances.

In almost every state, if you and your ex-husband can reach an agreement betweent the two of you that you both can live with, the court will approve and enforce that agreement. If you do reach an agreement with your ex-husband, WRITE IT DOWN and make sure that BOTH OF YOU SIGN IT. Both of you get a copy.