Divorce Attorneys For Men

divorce attorneys for men
How come society does not have compassion for men in divorce? Is it purely economic stabilization? ?

Is it way to transfer wealth to attorneys? Is it a way economically enslave men in their youthful years?

sorry you had some bad experiences it isn’t women its society in general that portrays the picture perfect family like the brady bunch or leave it to beaver. when we have good role models growing up then we may have a chance at having a decent life. however drugs, poverty, the wanting to be loved by anyone other than the ones that hurt us. that’s for both sex’s as far as divorce goes i think that its a sad that men in the past have taken advantage of women. now days its women taking advantage of men. an apple doesn’t fall from the tree my grandma used to say. there are some really good women intelligent, hardworking, most of all don’t need a mommas boy that isn’t capable of breaking away from the nursery. women want respect, equal in everything from work, home life, kids. now more over more men are getting custody of there kids in divorce due to the fact that some women aren’t capable of taking care of the child. when a man walks out on a good woman its due to finances, cheating, or the just the pressure of it all. both want there cake and eat it too.