Divorce And Marriage Statistics

divorce and marriage statistics
Question on Marriage ?

Ok, so I’d like to know what the statistics for marriage and divorce and certain ages are…like for example if a couple got married in their 20’s, the average divorce rate issss blah blah
you know what I mean? 🙂
It’s kind of hard to explain but I’m very interested 🙂

I looked this up once but forgot the exact numbers.
It goes something like this.
Ok here the divorce rates by the age at time of marriage
18-21: High (divorce rates) 27.6%
21-24: even higher 36.6%
25-29: drops off significantly 16.4%
30 -35: Keeps dropping 8.5%
35-40: even more 5.1%
Although the divorce rate is “around 50%” it is very misleading because of all of the different factors that go into it. The divorce rate is actually not as high as most people think.

EDIT: Ellie above me is correct, but that is because things were different for older generations. Divorce was very looked down upon, so people stayed together, even if they weren’t happy.