Divorce And Children Statistics

Is there a correlation between what gender children are and divorce?

I was helping my friend in college with her statistics class. So she was doing a survey on divorce/split cases who have children. And even though there didn’t seem to be a significant pattern other than the obvious we did find that guys were more likely to split, when their child was a girl. Also, custody battles were more bitter when the child was a male. I thought how sad. It made me think that men hold male children in a higher regard than female children. Do you think that is true?

If this survey is true, the only reason I can think of is that men find it more easy to take care of a boy because they know what boys like (clothes, toys, games, sports, things they talk about, etc). Sometimes I hear my male friends who have kids are telling me they don’t know how to play with their daughter(s) and that they’re not quite interested in “girly things” like cosmetics, dolls, etc. So if there’s a custody battles, I think men don’t fight for a girl is not because they don’t love their daughter, it’s simply because they think girls are better with their mom. Just my opinion.