Divorce After Long Marriage

divorce after long marriage
Why do some couples get divorce even when they got married after long years of dating?

My point of view is that sometimes couple do not appreciate each other and take each other for granted. Sure we all had dreams in the beginning and stuff but the reality might be little different. And present might not turn out to be what we dreamed in past but we still have to live up to the promises and never loose willingness to sacrifice.

Yes, it is also true that some people turn out to be looser after marriage.

Please state your view on this.
Thank you all for your answers. Our community seems pretty intelligent.

Thanks again.

You are correct. Alot of married couples do often take each other for granted after awhile. On the the dating scene, people often put on a face or they’re not really living with each other on a day to day basis. Once you’re married however, you drop your guard and see each other for who you really are. Not all of this may be pleasant. Plus people change over years, and some goals, dreams, and way of thinking may change also. It’s up to the married individual to either accept that or not to accept it and move on.

Now the view that some people turn out to be looser after marriage, I dont entirely agree. Its true that some men and women want to have their cake and eat it too sometimes but not everyone like that. True happy marriages do exist out there but they are rare. It takes two to make a marriage work out for the best.