Divorce After 6 Months Of Marriage

divorce after 6 months of marriage
Who should i contact after filing for divorce on my husband brought over on a K-1 visa?

After a long struggle..my fiance came to usa on a fiance visa. After 6 months of marriage, he left me. After he was gone 3 month, i filed for divorce. Should i contact immigration to inform them of his leaving me and the filing of divorce? What department of immigration should i contact?

Well, you can contact the USCIS office nearest you. USCIS has contact information for its various offices in the US on uscis.gov. They won’t go looking for him, in all probility, but there should be a record in his file and in the computer data system showing that you are in the process of getting divorced. Did you file an immigrant visa petition on his behalf? If you have an alien registration number for him, be sure to use that in any communication.