Divorce After 2 Months Of Marriage

divorce after 2 months of marriage
I married a foreigner who is now returning to his country.Should I file for divorce before or after he leave?

I brought my fiance over on a visa for marriage. After 8 months into the marriage, he now wants a divorce and wants to return to his own country. Would i have less problems filing for divorce after he returns to his country or should i quickly file for divorce now? He left me after 5 1/2 months of marriage ‘to find work’. (yeah, right). Now what? I need some legal help quickly.
In response to the ‘witty coleen’, I LEGALLY brought my fiance over on a FIANCE VISA…which took over a year and practically ALL the money i had. I have not done anything illegal…EVER! And i seriously resent any ‘airhead’ suggesting that i have.

Start now and be quick or they will never find him to serve the papers and he gets to keep his visa and green card. At least you found out hopefully in time.