Dissolution Of Marriage Vs Divorce

California divorce vs. Philippine annulment…on child support?

is there a way i can file a case to the father of my children for not supporting them? according to court’s decision from our approved annulment in the philippines, he needs to provide Php10,000.00 for each of my two kids but he is not complying. But according to the copy of his approved dissolution of marriage in san mateo county, that the court has no jurisdiction on this since the kids are not with him in california
he is a newly immigrant after marrying a filipina who is now a citizen.

he is proposing to me that my kids should be adopted by his wife to be able to go to america but i did not agree.

You can file a case in the US Embassy in Manila. Is your ex a citizen of the Philippines or a US citizen at that? If he’s a Filipino citizen – you can actually threaten him with deportation and file abandonment with the company he works for. If he’s a US citizen, all the more that you can file a case in the US Embassy – you can file a complaint and present all the necessary documents (birth certificates, court ruling, etc) Just because there’s a dissolution of marriage does not excuse him from child support. If you’re in Manila, you should find a very good family lawyer to help you with this and charge every bill to that guy.