Disney The Little Mermaid Dvd

disney the little mermaid dvd
Has anyone heard of the Disney movie sex hoaxes.?

I remember hearing a while back about little pornographic things hidden in some disney movies and I remember seeing a few of them like on the front cover of the Little Mermaid video cassette tape, ther was a penis hidden in the golden castle in the background (look for yourself, I dont know about the dvd though)
Also in the movie in the end when the guy was getting ready to marry the evil squid looking lady, when the preist says the words “dearly beloved” he starts to get a woody in his pants.
Also in Aladdin, Aladdin wispers “ake of your clothes” when he’s on princess jasmines balcony and her pet tiger Raja attacks him.


Contains a list of all the urban legends about Disney movies, including all those sex ones.