Disney On Broadway Beauty And The Beast

The part of Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

In the spring my highschool is going to perform ‘Beauty and the Beast’ the musical-broadway version. I’d love to audition, but it’s more on a whim than anything because I have no former acting/voice training. But I’ve grown up singing disney princess songs and ‘B&B’ is my all-time favorite fairytale whenever it comes to my love of reading:)
But anyway, what suggestions do people have for preparing for the audition??
As well, I live in a small town and there are no oppurtunities for voice lessons, the music teachers don’t even offer them, and what would be a way to impress the director, and standout during the audition, beings I’ve never been to one??

Find out what you need at the audition. It will likely require you to sing and either perform a monologue or do a cold reading from the script.

Theatre Audition Rule #1: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use material from the show you’re auditioning for at the audition.

Obviously, you’ll do best singing something in a similar fashion from Broadway. Look for songs that showcase your voice and point out how well you can handle the high and low ends of Belle’s parts.
If you know any monologues and time is short, use those. If not, pick one that gets across both subtle sex appeal and propriety – that’s what Belle’s all about.
Be confident, watch your breathing, and wear something that is comfortable but subtly hints at the character.