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How much is my Disney Cel worth?

There are many Disney cels for sale online, but I cannot find a price on the one I currently own. It is an original hand-painted cel featuring Anastasia (from the movie Anastasia, NOT Cinderella), along with two male characters from the film and the dog. It is Limited Edition #3645/4800, and has a Certificate of Authenticity. The cel just says “anastasia”, so Im assuming that is the full title. There is no luggage in the picture as I have seen in some cels online, so it is not that one. I am aware that I can ask an appraiser, but I’d rather not pay for that. If you are knowledgable in this are and would like to give me an estimate, or if you know a specific website I can find this info at, I’d appreciate it! Thanks.

The actual value of any specific cell depends on a lot of factors other than the character, scene and other obvious factors.

Sometime the specific scene and positions of the elements can make a difference. A character in the midst of blinking his eyes can reduce the value, whan compared with a cel where the character’s eyes are wide open. With multiple characters in the scene, this can be easily overlooked. Same is true if the character’s face is obscured by something in the foreground, like a lamppost, or an arm or hand.

Remember that a single second of film time involves 24 separate frames, or cels.

So, unless you can find a website that catalogues these cells by their specific number, you may HAVE to take it to a professional appraiser.