Disney Little Mermaid Dvd

disney little mermaid dvd
Why didn’t Disney World make The Little Mermaid Ride?

I have the 2 disk special edition DVD of The Little Mermaid, and the 2nd disk has all the bonus features, including a virtual Little Mermaid ride and the makers of the ride explain how they built it and everything but they never actually explain why the ride was never made at Disney World. Does anyone know why?

Disney imagineers are actually in the process of making The Little Mermaid ride as we speak. It has plans to be placed in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom where there is currently a meet and greet with Ariel. The ride will be similar to other rides like Winnie The Pooh and Peter Pan.

Disney also has plans to add a Dumbo ride similar to this in the same area.

No official plans were released yet but I have inside sources that claim this is 100% true. The ride will be up and running by early 2011.