Disney Halloween

disney halloween
Does anyone know the Disney Halloween Movie with the song: Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat for

Halloween. When Ghosts and Goblins by the Score, ring the bell or knock on your door, you better not be stingy or your nightmare will come true.

I remember this Disney Halloween movie when I was a kid and I want to find it again now that I’m a parent, but don’t even remember much about the movie.

The song you’re remembering comes from one of the Disney cartoons featuring Donald Duck and his three nephews, titled “Trick or Treat”!– a festive short in which Witch Hazel comes to the aid of Huey, Dewey & Louis in getting treats from their greedy Uncle Donald!—-It’s popped up in Disney cartoon collections from time to time on VHS—currently, you can find it as an extra on the DVD of “The Black Cauldron”