Disney Classic Dvds

disney classic dvds
Are Disney DVDs imported from other countries OK to buy (like the ones on eBay)?

I have kids who would love to see some of the classic Disney DVD movies – like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. But you can’t find them in stores, and the ones on eBay sell for outrageous amounts! eBay has ones that are imported from other countries, but are supposedly formatted for the US. They are also much cheaper! Since I’m not a die-hard Disney collector or anything, would these imports be good enough just for my kids to watch? Is the quality bad? Please let me know because I have never bought import DVDs before. Thank you!

Depends. DVD’s have a country code in them so if you buy DVD’s from the UK, they won’t play in an American DVD player. If they’re supposed to be formatted to the US they should work but they might be bootlegged and poor quality.

Why don’t you try checking them out from your local public library?