Disney Cinderella Dvd

disney cinderella dvd
does anyone know a website where i can get Disney Dvd for cheap?

or even a store i want movies like The little mermaid and Cinderella and aladdin.. i had all of them when i was younger but they were old VHS’s. all the ones i saw online were so expensive.
thanks for you answers.

Try Amazon, it can be pricey, but on each product, there is often a section of links where the product is also available. I wanted a pair of shoes on Amazon that were pretty pricey, I went to one of the links and ended up getting the same shoes from a different website for half the price.
Also, check near your area. I have a store in my area that sells gently used DVD’s, VHS movies, and books for almost nothing (just because they are used doesn’t mean they won’t work =]), look in your phone book, it might have something in the yellow pages.

If worse comes to worse, you can watch them for free online, OVguide is a great website for that, it has links to sites that carry the movie, you can usually watch it without downloading it. I have seen disney movies on youtube, cut into sections (which was kind of a pain, but it just means clicking a different segment of the movie every 10 minutes).

Anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for!! Disney movies are awesome =D