Disney Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack

Need help from someone with experience when it comes to telling orchestral instruments apart?

I’m usually ok at figuring out what a certain instrument is in a song but when it comes to “Transformation” on the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, could someone WITH KNOWLEDGE please help me out?

Here is the link to the song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5TJCnt62o

Listen for the deepest sounding instrument. The part where that specific sound comes in is at 2:04. As it gets higher, it sounds like it’s some type of horn (what is it?) but a deeper sound comes in at 2:29 and I would also like to know what that is. It would help if you have speakers with bass.

In summary, at both points, I would like to know what instruments each of those are if they’re not the same kind.


The low note at 2:04 sounds like the double bass to me. At 2:12, they are joined by the low brass on the same pitch, which may be the source of confusion.

I believe the same thing happens at 2:29.

I listened to this on a set of Logitech 5.1 computer speakers, so I have a sub woofer.

Another possible source of confusion here is that the tympani and the double bass seem to be on the same pitch, which would make it difficult to distinguish the tonal color of each instrument.

If you have exceptional hearing, and exceptional speakers, and are listening to a high quality reproduction (i.e. a CD) then you might be hearing an unintentional resultant tone.

The link below makes specific reference to the pipe organ, but the physics of this phenomenon is not limited to that instrument.