Disney Beauty And The Beast Songs

My school is doing Beauty and the beast, and I made the chorus, but I have a few questions?

First of all, I’m so exited! This is my first musical.

I’ve never seen Beauty and the Beast, not even the disney movie version, so what songs does the chorus sing?

Second, is the chorus usually on stage?

Will I go to all the rehearsals, or just some of them?

I know some of these don’t have exact answers but I appreciate anything.


The Chorus Sings In: Belle, Gaston, Gaston (Reprise), Be Our Guest, HumanAgain (Although in Human Again it might just be certain ensemblists), The Mob Song, The Battle (though that’s not really singing, its a large dance number that the ensemble is usually in) And The Finale you will most likely do vocals for.

The ensemble is on stage quite a bit through the show, though most times its going to be background-ish, as most ensemble numbers are.

Rehearsals depend on what your director wants to do. If he/she wants to block scenes with main characters, they may have the ensemble come in to work with the musical director on vocal pieces or harmonies. It all depends on how the director wants to do it.

I just came back from doing this show and had the time of my life with my theater group. Hopw you have as much fun as I did! 🙂 Break A Leg!