Disney Beauty And The Beast Musical

disney beauty and the beast musical
Disney’s next musical masterpiece?

Classics like Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lion King, you know the like. It’s been a while since Disney had a movie like these (though I haven’t seen Home on the Range, not sure if it was a music type) When I was growing up, nearly every Disney film had some type of musical deal to it, but lately that isn’t so. I was wondering if Disney had anything musical planned or if anything is known about the next disney films after Ratatouille. Also, is there any particular reason Disney hasn’t had a musical lately?

There’s going to be one coming out soon, called ‘The Princess & The Frog’. It initially had a title of ‘The Frog Princess’, but they changed it due to controversey. It’s also supposed to be delayed, since they had to drastically change the storyline in order to not offend people.

What’s especially notable about the film above is that the main character Tiana is to be the first African-American lead heroine in a Disney theatrical film.

Another film due out at the same time is Rapunzel, which is going to be done in CGI. It was originally due out this year, but was pushed back due to necessary retooling.

Both films have an expected release year of 2009.

As far as musicals are concerned, it could just be that they were considered “unfashionable” for a while. From what I’ve heard, I know that ‘The Princess & The Frog’ is set to be a musical.