Disney Beauty And The Beast Images

How can I create this hairstyle?

Halloween approaching! My husband and I are attending a party tomorrow night as Beauty and Beast. I need to do a Disney Belle hairstyle. They costume place gave us a filthy wig – I won’t wear it. My hair is dark brown, past shoulder length and no bangs (so exactly like Belle’s really). I want the style she has when dancing with Beast in the yellow dress – any suggestions how to achieve this? My hair is fairly straight but curls easily and holds product well.

If you look on images on the internet you can see she has her hair kind of rolled or loose at the front, with a sort of a bun – is it a ponytail- or is it a half up half down??


that is the nice looking one if u are going in the gold dress…

this one is the classic look when she is in the town:


reccomendations: lol sorry i cant spell…. ok anyways…
1. if you are doing the first link’s one, u will need hairspray, curling iron or original curlers, a ponytail, a yellow thin bow, and makeup of course

here is how you do it: first pull hair back into a half bun half down if you want the authentic( if u have long hair do this)
make sure it is not a tight half up bun, make sure your bangs go back if you have them. put curlers in before the night of the party. the day of the party curl your hair at the ends of it to make Belle’s look!

for the next pic’s look all u need is a blue ribbon: medium sized, and hairspray so your hair doesent fall out.

these are the hardest instructions ever so follow them carefully! put your hair in a side ponytail

yay! all done i hope i helped!