Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle

disney beauty and the beast belle
Pattern for Disney Belle’s dress for a woman.?

Where can I find a pattern for Beauty and the Beast’s Belle dress? The one she wore in the ball scene. My grandmother is going to make it for me, but I have to find a pattern for it. Help?

Thank You.

google it. or try ebay.

go to your local craft store.. Michael’s… any store that sells patterns and sewing supplies. if you ask the person who works there about what you are looking to achieve, you may be able to find it.

be creative. if you can’t find an exact pattern, make a sketch and do some research on patternmaking. it is very easy, in my opinion. get make sure your measurements are accurate, that your darts are long enough and take out enough material in order to give the garment shape, and that you have enough ease in your patterns so that you will hv room to breathe in the dress.

you can always find a dress that looks similar, rub off(copy) a pattern from it and adjust it to look like what you want.

good luck.