Disney Beast Costume

disney beast costume
Beauty and the beast costume help? (please help and ideas are welcome)?

I need a clock costume for my play which is beauty and the beast. i’m the clock guy and this year i’m suprised i didn’t get a role of lifeless non moving tree,but i got the clock guy so we have to make a costume. And i’m looking for any ideas. They are all welcomed

And thank you if you answered.

P.S. http://disney.go.com/DisneyRecords/Read-…
That’s a picture of him. =3 Well what i’m trying to make a costume.

I like the versatility in the second(2) pic i found below.

Using cardboard is good sturdy cardboard that is…
or foam of some sort..Styrofoam boards.

Make a body board to fit your size(measure) and movement needs of your character. knees arms etc.. in your movements.
You just need the front part for this style. I would attach elastic to the front board and have that go around your waist. perhaps Velcro or snaps.
So reinforce this you may need to do a layering on the underside of board for strengthening meaning layer it so the straps come out between the layers used for reinforcement.
Now cut out center piece for pendulum area or leave and use cardboard or again Styrofoam disk and cardboard for pendulum if using card board do layers to make it more dimensional to add character to costume.

I would make the hat/top the same way using felt and a pirate style hat shaped in such a way you like. (look at photos i supplied.)
I am sure i saw simple pattern in costumer’s manifesto.
Link supplied.

One of the members suggested using a maroon sweatsuit as a basic costume which if you like might work for you..
Gold paints maybe a glitter accent on crown/hat….
just a few ideas…