Disney Aladdin Dvd

disney aladdin dvd
How can Disney be contacted for information on movie releases?

I’m trying to start getting Disney’s animated features all on DVD, and I’m trying to find out when movies will be coming out and going into the Disney Vault. Specifically the Lion King and Aladdin, if anyone has this information.

You can contact Disney with your video questions at the following link: http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/contactus/contactus.html

The Lion King (Platinum Edition) was released on DVD in October of 2003 & it went into the Disney vault in January 2005. Aladdin (Platinum Edition) was released on DVD in October of 2004 & I don’t beleive they’ve set a date for when it’s going to the vault again.

Wikipedia has a listing for all the Disney platinum edition DVDs that might be useful too: