Depression And Divorce

depression and divorce
divorce and depression?

I am 31 years old and my wife woke up one day and said she does not love me. We both have children from a previous relationship. The point is she has never accepted my son. she even said they are not real brothers. this was the final straw. im hurting so much she wont even talk to me

At this point you need to do what is best for your son. It is difficult when you find major problems like this after you get married especially when you have already been through a difficult divorce already. But you need to get past this. Since she has already made it clear that she does not love you or your son, you need to move on. You still have a long life ahead of you. You cannot afford to let depression get the better you as it will damage your life and that of your son. Get some professional help with this and don’t go through it alone. Get support from a divorced and single parents’ group in your area. My heart goes out to you and I wish you and your son the best.